4 tips for website design

4 Tips for Website Design

In many cases, your website is the first-impression visitors have of your business. We’ve all seen great websites, okay websites and websites that are stuck in the 90’s. The look and feel of your website, the content and pictures, the animations and more contribute to a more professional and polished website design.

You don’t need to go to a professional website design school to create beautiful websites. Using our simple tips and tricks, you can create a website just like the pros. Here are 4 tips to improve your website design.

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helpful tips for your website

Tip 1: Use a Design Template

Most websites, including WordPress, offer design templates for you to get started. Most website editors make the design work easy. Updating to a new WordPress theme can enhance the entire feel of your website. Or, take a look at your competitors websites and model your website after the qualities you like best.

website design templates for wordpress from Focused Business Solutions

Choose a template that would best showcase your products or services. You can alter most template designs individually, including the primary and secondary colors, heading colors, text typeface or font and menu styles. Or, each template includes about 4 quick style changes for an easy refresh to your website design.

how content and copy play a role in website design

Tip 2: Content and Copy in Design

How does the content and copy play a role in website design? The placement, size and layout of these are important. Your content can include pictures and graphics, carousel images and videos. Copy includes all text. Here’s what you need to know.

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Tip 3: Pictures, Size and Alt Tags

Use pictures to tell a story, but make sure you compress them and include alt tags. While it’s true that the main benefit is increasing site speed, search engine optimization and accessibility, there’s a right way to do it.

call to action - links buttons and forms on your website

Tip 4: Calls to Action

CTA’s, or Calls-to-Action include buttons, links, images text and forms. Using action based verbs and relevant messaging, you encourage the website visitor to take the next step. There’s a few do’s and don’ts of CTA’s, so let’s discuss what those are.

Good Examples of CTA’s

Incorporating CTA’s (Calls-to-Action) in your website design should enhance the website, and not distract from it. Buttons should stand out, and be used to direct the visitor towards the next step.

Bad Examples of CTA’s

Confusing the visitor with too many options, or a lack of uniformity, can hurt the conversions on your website. Aesthetically it’s too much, just like invasive pop-up banners or advertisements.

managed wordpress website builder by Focused Business Solutions

Putting these website tips to use

Start improving your website one page at a time. The home page will be your priority, with services pages being second. Keep the overall design and theme similar, people like uniformity across the entire website when possible. If you’re using WordPress, use plug-ins to help automate your web page templates and compress pictures easily. Focus on a mobile-first design strategy and the rest of the website will fall into place.

Looking to switch to WordPress?

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