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Connect & Sell


Automate workflows, connect with leads, sell more services.

Who do we help?

We help Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Small to Medium sized Companies who are looking to grow and automate their business.

YOU bring your years of Industry Experience
WE bring the tech and marketing to accomplish one thing

How do we help?

We'll take a deep dive into your brand; from your processes and offer, customer acquisition to the client experience, and analyze the data objectively. We find the missing pieces, leverage tools and technology to improve everything, and help you create a better business.

 your business with the right tools.

Does your business operate like a Focused-Biz?

Does your Brand have a quality logo, website, content and more?


You need a professional looking business. Build the trust, like and know around your business.

We help you create a professional brand

Websites and Landing Pages
Blogging and Articles
Design and Content

Are you saving time by automating routine tasks?


Leverage tools and technology to save time so you can support more customers.

We help you simplify and automate the buyers journey

Email Marketing
Lead Nurturing
Are you leveraging the best channels to build long-lasting relationships?


Get in Front of the right people. 
Get Found with SEO

We help you build long-term relationships on great platforms

Search Engine Optimization
Keyword Optimization
All Digital Ad Formats
Do you have transparent pricing and easy next steps to the sale?


Intuitive Sales Processes and up-front pricing create a great client experience, and future referrals.

We help remove the FRICTION within the Buyers Journey

FAQ's - PDF's - Content
Earn more 5-Star Reviews
Create more Promotors
Experienced. Certified. Ready to focus on your business.


Hubspot Certified

CRM & Marketing Tool

Google Certified

Google My Business (Google Business Pages)
Google Analytics
 Search and Shopping Ads

Stukent Certified
PPC Ads and Marketing
Influencer Marketing
Simulated 10 Week Campaign


Marketing Degree 

AAS Marketing Degree from Milwaukee Area Technical College in 2021

Areas of Passion:

Branding and Digital Content
Communication and Sales
Strategy and Management
Automation and Technology


8 years of experience growing my business
4 years of experience helping businesses

Tech and Tools

CRM Software 

HubSpot CRM
Constant Contact
Shopify & Oberlo

Website Builders


We can configure CRM systems that keep everything organized for you and your team.

Be Genuine. Be Authentic. Be Transparent.

Creative Solutions for connecting and selling.

Evaluate, Improve, EVOLVE your Business.

Consulting and Services Pricing

3 month engagement required 

Start-up | Revenue Share
Inquire for Budget Start-up Pricing or
Revenue Share Opportunities

We love helping new or struggling business owners.

We've been there, we get it.

Let's have a quick consult and see if we're a good fit together. We may have free, discounted pricing or revenue share opportunities available to help kick-start your biz.

DIY 14-in-1 Software App

Check out all of the awesome tech and tools available (like our 14-in-1 App) to help you build you build your own marketing system.

$997 per month

1 Hour Long Video Chat Each Week

Step-by Step Instruction

Insight to the Tech and Tools for:

1st Page Google SEO
Automation Tools
Target Market Research
Organic Leads
Email Automation
Offer and Promotion Strategy
Website Design
CRM and Workflow Management
Lead Capture and Nurturing
Communication Techniques
Intuitive Sales Processes

and more!

DFY Marketing + Automation + Consulting
$3K-5K per month

All of the Consulting package PLUS:

DFY Marketing Strategy, Research and Execution

Plan the evolution of your business

3 Month End Goals

Save 3 hours of work each month

2 Keywords Ranking on 1st Page of Google, GMB/GBP, Bing and Yahoo

Automate 3 Major Processes

We handle almost EVERYTHING!

Contact us for Custom Made Solutions for your Business -

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About Chris Troka

I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. I got my first guitar at 13, and that kick-started my love music, especially pop/punk thanks to my older sister. Despite my ambitions, the band never "made it", and I was pushed into the 9-5 grind. I didn't feel like college was for me, yet.

From pizza cook to healthcare receptionist, car sales and failed attempts at other business ventures, my mind kept focusing on financial freedom, and all of these jobs couldn't provide that. Something had to change.

Thanks to a mentor (my bosses boss), she sparked the idea to become a DJ, my new side hustle. With this, it brought opportunity, but I didn't know how to grow a business. Yet.

I learned all I could from blogs and YouTube. I was terrible at first, but I got better. Over 8 years I ended up loving Marketing so much, I went back to earn my degree and graduated in 2021 from MATC.

Which brings us to today. I had created an award winning Wedding DJ & Photo Booth business, with a team of DJ's, earned a Marketing Degree and countless certifications, and now I'm here to show others what I've learned over the years.

About Focused-Biz

Focused-Biz was created to empower businesses with the tools, technology and knowledge needed to start, build and expand their business.

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