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About Chris Troka

My business has tripled and now converts 35% of leads into customers because of the tools and tech within this software.

My Business Journey:
I created an award winning Wedding DJ & Photo Booth business, earned a Marketing Degree and countless certifications, and began helping other businesses unlock their full potential.

My advice to business owners:
You need to remove the FRICTION between your prospect and YOU. Engage in more touch points with personalized marketing. Make it easier to connect and buy. Make the experience personal.

How to use the software:
Use all of it or just some of it. Create marketing campaigns, build a website, get more meetings, organize your contacts, automate your forms and business processes. Simplify the steps from them to you, and save time in admin work.

About Focused-Biz

Focused-Biz was created to empower businesses with the tools, technology and knowledge needed to start, build and expand their business.

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